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Calvary Chapel

Just  a bit of summary of this years trip...

This usual, this years team was completely different in the fact that we took 11 guys and me! This trip we set out for a very specific build the structure of a chapel that Taylor and the Croudaces had been dreaming and drawing for a couple of years.

Our trip also started a bit different...jumping right into the work! Usually we take the first day to get acclimated to the camp and everything, but because the team knew we had such a limited time and supplies were getting dropped off immediately, the guys went ahead and started themselves.

There's not much detail to talk about with the guys work except two things: it was exhausting/difficult and it was so messy because the poles they were working with was covered in a substance called creosote, which is a black, tar-like material that keeps bugs from eating the wood. It eventually dries, but it was DEFINITELY not dry while we were there!

My time at camp was spent helping Shelley, stitching up Al, organizing the medicine closet and hanging out with Bryson, Bryan's 12 year old son that came with us. We even got to celebrate his 12th birthday while we were there and get all the camp kids to sing Happy Birthday for him!

The Chapel was finished, after MANY heated discussions and safety violations, the night before we were scheduled to leave the camp. God really had His hand on that because there were a couple of days in there when we got very little done and then the last day, everything just seemed to click.

The rest of our time in country was spent at Mwange Lodge holding a baby LION and seeing all the wildlife and then heading to Thetford Reserve for a rhino experience. I know travel is hard in the country right now, but the Croudaces are so incredible generous and excited to show our teams their beautiful country.

This was just a glimpse of our time in Zim, but I would encourage people to ask our team members about THEIR experiences and what God taught them, because in all my years of coming to Zim, one thing I learn is that God teaches us all something different and amazing if you just listen and let Him speak.

Thank you to Calvary Chapel Chattanooga Missions Department and all our our financial and prayer supporters. We quite literally couldn't have made this trip happen without you and I know the kids, teachers and LI staff thank you as well for the encouragement you sent with our team. We've been told many time over the years how much it means to them to know that a group of people 8,000 miles away cares about them and is praying for them...and that's why we go back year after year.

If you'd like to know more about Lasting Impressions Wilderness Camp, visit their website at And to get a glimpse of the heart of the camp, watch the Leadership Camp and Environmental camp videos on the Programs page!

Enjoy the pictures and videos! They're not really in order...sorry...

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